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Hi, I'm Marc and a coworking strategist.

I work with companies and institutions that (focus on creating/exist to create) more productive and collaborative work spaces. All with the aim of improving the performance of the professionals’ working in them. My mission is clear: to help you get the most out of your space, teach you how to build a community and accompany you in taking your coworking to the next level.

The evolution of coworking

(2010 - 2013) Coworking was born as a shared work space for independent professionals.

Space, expenses and resources were shared.

2013 - 2016) Coworking becomes a business.

Companies become part of the sector, and the first professionals appear in the management of this type of space.

(2017 - 2020) Flex Work: Coworking as a real estate solution.

The big investors enter the coworking market to make the most of their real estate portfolio. Companies see a flexible solution to their changing needs in coworking.

(2021 - 20 ??) The traditional coworking should build key alliances with partners that allow them to stay in the center of the cities, despite a demanding real estate market.

At the same time, it must fulfill the promise to generate more business for its members.

How can I help you?

· You do not know what you need to open a coworking space.
· You would like to know which is the best location to minimize the risks.
· How much space should your coworking have
· What benefits/profit can your coworking generate?
· Where you should start to build your own community.
· How to add value to the members of your space.
· You want to do events, but you do not know which ones work best in a coworking

Do we solve your doubts?



By consulting with me, you learn how to get the most out of your space and how to build a strategy for the coming years. During individual and customized sessions according to your needs and objectives.

Content curation

Design and implement a tailored content strategy for you and / or your project. All with the aim of becoming an authoritative voice and reference of the sector.


As a speaker, I collaborate and participate in conferences and meetings on coworking both nationally and internationally. In them, I share my vision of the sector and what I believe are the keys for continued growth in the future.

What industry peers say about me

Marc has been fundamental in the implementation of our coworking space. His experience in building communities, as well as his ability to identify the particularities of our project and adapt the strategy to a corporate coworking contributed to a quick solution of the difficulties associated with the launch.

David GarcíaDirector de Canales de Venta at Endesa Energía S.A.U.

Marc is one of the leading experts in Coworking in Spain. His holistic vision of the industry makes him, undoubtedly, a recognized voice due to his exhaustive knowledge and the capacity to anticipate the market. As the content director of the Coworking Spain Conference, he has done an excellent job of highlighting the work of the pioneers in the industry, and guiding so many coworkings (big and small) on how to break through such a competitive field.

Eduardo ForteFormer Head of Marketing at Utopicus & Former CEO of Betahaus Barcelona

Marc has given us fresh and relevant ideas around the Coworking philosophy. His experience and command of a project as successful as CREC demonstrates this. I appreciate Marc's help during our Coworking opening.

Franz PalleresCo-Founder & COO at Aticco

I had the opportunity to meet Marc in the field of coworking, which is an environment that promotes openness and collaboration. In this sense, Marc acts as an authentic catalyst and energy, through the work he develops in CREC. In addition, I have collaborated with Marc in the preparation of articles for the ZonaCoworking digital publication. I would highlight his attention to detail and the search for the precise words to convey the message in an authentic way.
Por otro lado he colaborado con Marc en la elaboración de artículos para la publicación digital ZonaCoworking. Destacaría su atención al detalle y la búsqueda de las palabras precisas para trasladar el mensaje de una forma cercana.

Carlos AlmansaCo-Founder at Nexudus

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