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I help you to create a coworking space


Coworking consulting is a service to help companies, public institutions or individuals to create a coworking space providing you with a solution tailored to your needs and budget. I provide you with a customized solution according to the needs and budget of your project.

Who is this service for?

Companies, Investors Managers & coworking spaces

Companies, Investors Managers and spaces that seek maximum profitability through a strategy where objectives and resources go hand in hand. Designing and implementing a tailor-made processes is essential to optimize coworking and turn it into a profitable business.

Public institutions

In the era of collaboration, institutions and public entities need to create spaces where they can favor cooperation and synergies of projects with social values. Places that work for the benefit of the community and where the concept of social return becomes a reality.


In an environment in which freelance professionals grow, corporations need to integrate coworking values ​​such as collaboration and project work to renew and strengthen their work systems. Always, keeping in mind the business objectives.

How can we work together

Video consulting online

If you have specific questions and want to resolve them quickly and easily, this is your option.
Click a little below, book an online session at the time that suits you best, make the payment, and come with all your questions prepared to get the most out of the session. Then, I will send you the recorded advice so you can consult it as many times as you need.

Training + Consulting

To start up your coworking quickly, the ideal is to start with this option. It includes three hours of training in the creation of this type of space plus three hours of consulting on your project. All concentrated in a single day. I will share with you all the fundamental aspects to take into account when setting up a coworking space. After a break, we will focus on all those specific aspects that surround your project.

Want me to accompany you?

Do you want to start a project and want me to accompany you in each phase? With this integral service, I am at your disposal to guide and accompany you in the different stages of the creation of a coworking in the time frame of your needs. If you prefer, I can even take care of the entire start-up process of your new space: from design to the build out, including the creation of the strategy and the business plan, among other things. All with the aim of giving you a turnkey coworking.


When you work with Marc, it becomes clear that he is an expert in the field, but the difference between an expert and a consultant is the ability to empathize with the particular problems of each company, analyze them, and find a solution adapted to their needs and resources. Thanks for your invaluable help.

Arnau MiquelCEO & Co-Founder at L'Hort Coworking

When starting a business and a new market, the best thing that can happen to you is to find a professional like Marc Navarro. Marc has guided us with honesty and a good eye to correct the issues we had poorly focused on and strengthen everything we were doing well in Bitàcola Coworking. Your role as a consultant is ideal for the integrity of your contributions.

Juanita SánchezCommunity Builder at Bitácola Coworking

I have used Marc as a consultant to help me focus on my project within the coworking world, and I can only say good things about him. The first thing I want to highlight is his availability and accessibility, even before contracting his services. His method of training seems ideal for anyone who is considering setting up a space or improving it’s management. I think he has a very well rounded profile, as a professional in the sector, and I think he is a competent consultant. For all this and for being good people (equally valuable), without a doubt, I recommend Marc and I greatly appreciate his help.

Roberto QuiñonesCoworking Manager at FresCow Coworking

Each project is unique.
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