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Hi, I’m Marc Navarro

Coworking Strategist.

I’m Marc Navarro, a Coworking Strategist. I help companies create more productive work environments that improve the life and performance of people at a professional level. All with the objective that they obtain the best possible results. I have specialized in the design and execution of new coworking spaces, advising its promoters from the incubation phase of the project to the distribution of the space to maximize the facilities. Also in refocusing the sales and marketing strategy of coworking, based on the needs of its managers, so that they obtain maximum profitability. In addition, I work with private companies that seek to reconvert their corporate headquarters, and thus improve production flow and the working climate of their workers. One example is Endesa, with whom I collaborated in the launch of the Open Power Space, the coworking of its corporate headquarters in Madrid.

I also collaborate with public entities that seek to add value to their citizens through new forms of work based on collaboration. I created the concept of social return coworking, and implemented it for the City Council of Barcelona in Sinèrgics, a space that has served as an example to other locations. I am a speaker, content curator, and I write about coworking for companies and organizations in the sector. I have worked as director and head of strategy in spaces such as Utopicus and CREC Coworking, respectively. I am the content director of the CoworkingSpain Conference, a content curator in the Coworking Unconference Asia and Advisor of the Latam Coworking Summit. I was born in 1976, I was trained and educations as an industrial designer, although I prefer to think that they tried to teach me how to solve problems by creating objects. And that is precisely why, since 2011, I have designed services with and for people.

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